Peabody Home Care:
Your Partner in Aging with Dignity and Grace

Trying to find dependable home care services to assist your elderly loved one around their own home may feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. At Nurta Home Healthcare, our team of caregivers in Peabody, MA, are experienced in providing customized home care services to suit the unique needs of your family members.

Our commitment to excellence ensures each senior receives home care that focuses on their unique preferences and enhances their quality of life. From specialized care for those with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia to around-the-clock 24-hour home care, we provide a full range of senior care services that prioritize the happiness, health, and safety of your loved ones.

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Why Peabody Families Trust Nurta Home Healthcare

When entrusting someone with the well-being of your elderly loved ones, you want to choose a home care agency in Peabody, MA, that families have come to rely on for senior care services. Nurta Home Healthcare is more than just a caregiving service; we’re a community of professional caregivers who believe in the power of personalized, compassionate senior care. 

Our emphasis on open communication, personalized care plans, and rigorous caregiver training has made us the go-to choice for home care in Peabody and throughout Essex County.

Home caregiver preparing an elderly woman to stand from a couch using a walker

Access To Care Coordinators Around the Clock

At Nurta Home Healthcare, we understand that caregiving needs can arise at any time of day or night. That’s why we offer around-the-clock access to our knowledgeable care coordinators for families getting home care in Peabody. No matter when you need assistance or have questions, a dedicated team member is always available to address your concerns. 

Whether it’s a last-minute scheduling change or an adjustment in-home care needs, you can count on us for immediate, expert guidance. People in Peabody appreciate our 24/7 accessibility because it represents our commitment to compassionate care services. It’s not just about providing qualified caregivers for your family member in Massachusetts; it’s about creating a support system that families can rely on whenever needed.

Family caregiver kneeling and holding her father's hands while he sits on his bed

Our Caregiver-Client Matching Process

The bond between a caregiver and the care recipient is fundamental to a successful caregiving experience. To facilitate this, we employ a detailed caregiver-client matching process. We consider factors like medical needs, personal interests, and personality traits to match your loved one with the most suitable caregiver.

Over the years, Peabody residents have valued our personalized matching process because it turns caregiving into a meaningful relationship rather than just a service to help with daily living activities.

Home caregiver helping an elderly woman stand from her bed with a walker

Screening & Training For Every Caregiver

When selecting caregivers, we adhere to stringent screening and training protocols. Every potential team member undergoes a comprehensive background check, thorough credential verification, and multiple interviews to assess professional aptitude and emotional intelligence.

Our commitment to quality home care extends to ongoing training programs that keep our caregivers in the Peabody, MA, area updated on protocols, up-to-date caregiving techniques, and effective communication skills.

Our Home Care Services In Peabody

At Nurta Home Healthcare, we believe effective caregiving goes beyond basic assistance with daily activities and supervision, like what you find in typical assisted living facilities. We offer various home care services designed to address the diverse needs of your loved ones. 

Whether they are a veteran who needs home care or assistance transitioning from the hospital back to their own home, we have various options tailored to their unique situations. Below, you’ll find an in-depth explanation of our home care services in Peabody.

Home caregiver resting their hand on the shoulder of an elderly woman laying on the pillows on her bed

The challenges of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia affect the individual and the entire family. Our caregivers specialize in memory care services for Alzheimer’s and dementia care designed to slow cognitive decline and manage behavioral symptoms. We strive to create a secure and comfortable environment to enhance the quality of life for your loved one.

Our caregivers are trained to assist with wandering prevention, medication reminders, light housekeeping, managing moments of confusion, anger, or anxiety, meal planning, preparation, and personal care and companionship care-related services.

Doctor wrapping a hand support on an elderly woman

The need for constant care can arise from chronic illnesses, surgery recovery, or even advanced age. Our 24-hour home care service ensures that a qualified caregiver is always available to offer assistance around the house with personal care services like meal preparation and medication reminders, companionship services, and even transportation assistance to doctor’s appointments.

Our 24-hour home care service is a beacon of relief for those residing in Peabody, MA. With the round-the-clock presence of our caregivers, you gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing your loved one is in safe, capable hands, day and night.

Elderly woman sitting with a home caregiver outside

Live-in care is ideal for families who seek a stable and consistent caregiving arrangement for their loved ones. With this service, a devoted caregiver lives in the home to provide continuous personal care support and companionship. This minimizes disruptions to your loved one’s daily routine and allows immediate emergency assistance in. 

Live-in caregivers work 10-12 hours daily while the client is awake and require a private room to sleep. Many Peabody, MA, families appreciate our live-in care service for the continuity and comfort it offers. Your loved one can maintain their lifestyle, participate in social activities, and remain in their own home, all while receiving top-notch home care.

Home caregiver showing an elderly man with a walker information on a tablet

End-of-life care is an exceptionally delicate period that requires a compassionate approach. Our in-home hospice care services are designed to offer physical, spiritual, and emotional support, focusing on the dignity and comfort of your loved one during their final days.

To qualify for hospice care, a doctor must certify that your loved one is terminally ill and has a life expectancy of 6 months or less. From pain management to spiritual care, our team ensures your loved one receives the most respectful and dignified care during this challenging time.

Family caregiver sitting with and holding the hand of her father in bed

Changing care settings, such as moving from hospital to home, often involve complex care requirements. Our transitional care service aims to make this shift as smooth as possible for the individual and their family. 

Nurta Home Healthcare provides expert caregivers trained in personal care services and companionship care to ensure a seamless transition and help reduce the risk of hospital readmission.

View of an elderly man from behind while he salutes the American flag

Our veterans deserve specialized care that addresses their unique physical and emotional needs. We work closely with veterans’ healthcare providers and organizations to offer a customized care plan covering a range of personal and companionship care services, from mobility assistance to emotional support.

For veterans residing in Peabody, MA, our specialized home care services offer the respect and dignity they rightfully deserve. By focusing on holistic care and honoring their service, we ensure a better quality of life for our veterans and their families.

Reviews From our Clients

The caregivers from Nurta Home Healthcare engage my mother as opposed to sitting. They interact with my mom, and they get her involved so she doesn’t have to give up any part of her life. They help her to cook if she would like, or they do activities.

Jo Anne from Salem


Nurta Home Healthcare has gone above the call of duty for my sister. From the initial meeting to discuss our needs and consider which personality of caregivers are best suited for our household, the agency has done an awesome job. We are satisfied with the quality of care she receives and are very grateful for their great caregivers.

Dana in Saugus

Areas We Serve

Nurta Home Healthcare proudly offers caregiver services to seniors in Peabody, MA, and the surrounding areas.

We currently serve families in the following communities:

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From our 24-hour home care to our specialized services like Alzheimer’s care and veterans’ home care, our in-home care services have cemented our reputation as the trusted choice for families in Peabody.

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