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When the search for reliable caregivers in Marblehead, MA, is at the top of your to-do list, knowing where to turn can be overwhelming. That’s where Nurta Home Healthcare comes in. Our compassionate caregivers provide home care services that empower seniors to live fulfilling lives in the comfort of their homes.

Nurta Home Healthcare is unlike traditional nursing homes in that our caregivers’ priority is to learn your loved one’s specific needs and preferences and create a personalized care plan catered to the individual. Whether your family member needs consistent around-the-clock care or specialized services for Alzheimer’s care or dementia care. Our approach to senior care ensures that your family member’s physical, emotional, and medical needs are met.

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Why Marblehead Trusts Nurta Home Healthcare

When selecting caregivers in Marblehead, MA, the community turns to Nurta Home Healthcare for high-quality service and compassionate care. Our caregivers’ dedication to enriching the lives of seniors and their families sets us apart from other home care agencies in the Marblehead area.

Below, we offer an insight into the pillars that uphold our commitment to quality and reliable senior care services.

Home caregiver preparing an elderly woman to stand from a couch using a walker

Round-the-clock accessibility to our care coordinators ensures that your concerns are addressed promptly anytime you need us. We understand that caregiving needs can change or emergencies may arise outside regular business hours. That’s why our care coordinators are available 24/7, providing Marblehead families peace of mind when it matters most.

Whether your family member needs their care plan modified or you’re looking for a reassuring update on their care, you can count on us for immediate assistance. Our always-on approach to client service makes us one of the most trusted home care agencies in the Marblehead, MA area.

Family caregiver kneeling and holding her father's hands while he sits on his bed

Our Caregiver-Client Matching Process

We understand that choosing the right caregiver is crucial for your loved one’s comfort; we take this responsibility seriously. At Nurta Home Healthcare, our caregiver-client matching process considers both the skills needed and the personalities involved. We believe a harmonious match fosters a more comfortable and effective caregiving environment in your loved one’s own home.

Marblehead, MA, residents appreciate this personalized touch. Our attention to detail ensures that your loved one will be paired with a caregiver who understands their unique needs, lifestyle, and even their sense of humor.

Home caregiver helping an elderly woman stand from her bed with a walker

Caregiver Screening & Training

Before a caregiver is hired at Nurta Home Healthcare, they must undergo our rigorous screening process, including background checks, drug tests, professional references, and skills assessments. Additionally, our caregivers must participate in training programs focusing on the best and most up-to-date home care practices.

Knowing that our caregivers have surpassed these meticulous screening and training processes provides an extra layer of assurance for families in Marblehead, MA. When you choose Nurta Home Healthcare, you’re choosing a home care agency that places the utmost importance on professionalism and quality in caregiving services.

Types Of Home Care We Provide In Marblehead, MA

At Nurta Home Healthcare, we offer diverse home care services tailored to meet your unique needs and help with daily activities. Our specialized offerings allow your elderly loved ones to remain in the comfort and familiarity of their homes while receiving the highest quality of care. 

Below, you’ll find more information on the types of in-home care we proudly offer in Marblehead and throughout Massachusetts.

Home caregiver resting their hand on the shoulder of an elderly woman laying on the pillows on her bed

Memory care is a specialized field, and our team of caregivers is experienced in handling the complexities that Alzheimer’s disease and dementia conditions bring to seniors. We focus on creating a secure environment that reduces stress, enhances mental engagement, and maintains a routine to help those with memory issues live comfortably.

Our Alzheimer’s and dementia care services include everything from help with toileting and bathing to managing moments of confusion, anger, or anxiety. This specialized in-home care service also includes Wandering prevention, medication reminders, and companionship care.

Doctor wrapping a hand support on an elderly woman

Our 24-hour home care service offers round-the-clock assistance, ensuring someone is always there to cater to your loved one’s needs. This service is particularly beneficial for clients who require constant attention due to memory-related conditions or may need help with tasks like medication reminders, fall prevention, mobility assistance, and more. 

24-hour caregivers can provide personal care services, like meal preparation and light housekeeping, or companionship care for emotional support. It’s the peace of mind you need and the comprehensive care your loved ones deserve.

Elderly woman sitting with a home caregiver outside

If you’re looking for a more extended, ongoing support system for your elderly loved ones in Marblehead, our live-in care option is ideal. A live-in caregiver makes daily living routines easier to maintain, and personalized care becomes part of the home environment. 

Live-in caregivers work 10-12 hours a day while the client is awake and resides in your family member’s home. Therefore, they require a designated private room for their 8-hour break. This service is charged at a flat, daily rate and allows for a continuity of care that enhances your loved one’s quality of life.

Home caregiver showing an elderly man with a walker information on a tablet

The end-of-life journey is a delicate time for families, and our hospice care aims to provide comfort and emotional support. With a focus on managing pain and improving the quality of remaining life, our hospice care in Marblehead, MA, ensures that your loved ones spend their last days with dignity and peace and are surrounded by family members.

To qualify for in-home hospice care, your family member must be diagnosed with a terminal illness or have a life expectancy of 6 months or less. Our caregivers work with a team that may include a doctor, nurse, home health aide, or other similar positions to address each senior’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs during this time.

Family caregiver sitting with and holding the hand of her father in bed

Moving from hospital to home can be a vulnerable time for elderly patients. Our transitional care service ensures a smooth transition by aiding in medication reminders, questions about follow-up care, and transportation assistance to doctor’s appointments.

Transitional care can significantly improve patient outcomes by providing targeted support and education that empower seniors to manage their health conditions effectively and reduce the likelihood of complications or re-hospitalization.

View of an elderly man from behind while he salutes the American flag

At Nurta Home Healthcare, we proudly offer specialized home care services for veterans in Marblehead, MA. We honor those who have served by ensuring they receive the top-tier in-home care they deserve.

Our veterans’ home care services are designed to address physical and emotional needs, helping veterans regain their independence and enriching their daily lives through structured personal care and companionship in their homes.

Reviews From our Clients

The caregivers from Nurta Home Healthcare engage my mother as opposed to sitting. They interact with my mom, and they get her involved so she doesn’t have to give up any part of her life. They help her to cook if she would like, or they do activities.

Jo Anne from Salem


Nurta Home Healthcare has gone above the call of duty for my sister. From the initial meeting to discuss our needs and consider which personality of caregivers are best suited for our household, the agency has done an awesome job. We are satisfied with the quality of care she receives and are very grateful for their great caregivers.

Dana in Saugus

Areas We Serve In Massachusetts

Nurta Home Healthcare proudly offers caregiver services to families in Marblehead, MA, and along the North Shore.

Our reach extends beyond just home care in Marblehead, and we’re proud to serve members of the following Massachusetts communities currently:

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Our dedicated team of skilled caregivers offers a wide range of senior home care services with a commitment to excellence, making us the trusted choice for families in the Marblehead community.

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