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How 24-Hour Home Care Can Help with Overnight Incontinence

Is your elderly loved one in need of overnight care due to frequent urination? If so, 24-hour home care can help.
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24-Hour Home Care in Boston MA

Is your elderly loved one in need of overnight care due to frequent urination? If so, but you or your elderly loved one are struggling, there are some tips to make overnight caregiving for senior citizens easier. If you read through the tips below, you can start improving the care that your elderly loved one gets and the breaks you need, as well. When you can’t be there overnight to help your senior, 24-hour home care can be there to assist with many different needs.

Frequent Urination

Does your elderly urinate frequently? This is a symptom that many senior citizens have. Some of them have health conditions such as anxiety or a bladder disorder that keep them up at night. If this is the case, your elderly loved one may need to be up quite often during the nighttime. They may need reminders to take medications or just have someone to sit with them if they can’t fall back asleep.

Pelvic Dysfunction

There are many health conditions that affect pelvic functions, too. If your elderly loved one has one of these issues, they may not be able to hold their urine throughout the night. They may be getting up often or even have accidents. If you don’t have the energy or ability to keep waking up throughout the night, hopefully, 24-hour home care providers can help them to handle this issue.

Handling Chronic Pain

Does your elderly loved one struggle with chronic pain in their back, neck, abdomen, or pelvis? Maybe they even have muscle spasms in these areas. If this is the case, you might notice your elderly loved one has to go to the bathroom a lot throughout the night. The extra pressure from inflammation and spasms could be causing this. If your elderly loved one needs help managing their pain later the day, at nighttime, or in the morning hours, hopefully, a home care provider can help them with this issue.

Limiting Drinks

If your elderly loved one is struggling with being up at night due to frequent urination, it may be necessary for them to limit their drinks later in the day and in the evening. By keeping their drinks to a minimum, your elderly loved one can lower the number of times they need to be up at night to urinate. Generally speaking, senior citizens should stop drinking fluids 2 hours before they go to bed.


Does your elderly loved one need some help throughout the night due to frequent urination? If this is the case, hopefully, the 24-hour home care services can help them to prevent accidents and to deal with this stressful problem. Sometimes, it may just be as easy as sitting with your elderly loved one until they are tired enough to fall back asleep. It may also include giving medication reminders or helping them to relieve pain, so they can sleep better without having to get up to use the bathroom so often. If 24-hour home care services sound like something your elderly loved one needs, reach out for help today.


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