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How To Talk To Your Senior Loved One About Home Care

Home Care in Swampscott MA: Here are some tips that can help you open up a dialog with your senior parent about home care services and aging in place.
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Home Care in Swampscott MA

If your senior parent is determined to stay in their home as they get older but you’re worried about their safety, it can be tough to talk about your concerns. Your senior parent may not want to listen to your concerns and you may worry that you aren’t expressing your concerns in a way that seems constructive. But there are things that you can do to have a positive conversation about the benefits of home care for your senior loved one. Here are some tips that can help you open up a dialog with your senior parent about home care services and aging in place:

Set A Time To Talk

Anytime you want to have a serious talk with someone you should choose a time and day to have the conversation. Choose a day and time when everyone involved will be rested, happy, and open to discussion. If you just spring it on your aging parent that you want to have a serious talk they may not be in the mood or they may be tired. So tell them that you want to have a serious talk about senior care at home and pick a day and time when everyone that needs to be involved in the discussion is free.

Choose A Comfortable Place To Talk

This is a tough conversation to have that requires a lot of honesty, so it’s best to choose a place that is private. But it also should be comfortable. And there should be minimal distractions. Many families choose to have this talk in the kitchen over a treat and some coffee, or in the dining room where everyone can be comfortable but also pay attention.

Be Prepared With A List Of Benefits

Going into the conversation it’s best if you’re ready to answer questions and explain why you think home care is the right choice for your senior loved one at this time. Print out a list of all the benefits of in-home care and how senior care can help your senior loved one age in place safely and comfortably. Your senior loved one and other family members may just need to see the actual benefits of senior care to be convinced it’s the right thing.

Research Specifics

What’s home care in your area going to cost? Is 24 hour home care available? Does your senior parent have the resources to pay for it? Will their insurance cover any of the costs? Do some research ahead of time so that you have the answers to specific questions about home care in your area. Having that information will help keep the conversation going.

Be Open To More Conversations

Think of this conversation as a starting point and not an end point. Your senior parent may not be ready yet to think about having senior care providers in their home. But opening up a dialog means that at least they will start to seriously consider it.

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