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Helping Your Parent Stay Active in the Summer

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Summer is usually the best time of year to get outside and be active. The fresh air, the sunlight and even just those summertime sounds not only boost your mood, but also provide a bit of incentive to be more active.

When you are caring for your aging parent, you may be looking for ways to encourage them to get out and get active while still being safe. While your parent’s indoor activities will probably not change in the warmer months, you’ll want to help them assess how they are active outside.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when heading outside with your parent:

  • Pay attention to those weather reports. While temperature is always an important element in how your parent should dress for any time of active time outside, also take time to look at things like humidity, air quality, and even winds. Of course, don’t forget to peek ahead and see if any rain is on the horizon. Senior home care will not only take care of your senior at home, but also helping keep them comfortable and safe in the outdoor weather.
  • Have your parent bring the right gear. It might seem silly to have “gear” as you and your parent head out for a day at a local farmer’s market, but warm weather needs the right gear as well. Water is essential so packing a water bottle even if you’re just out for a few hours can help your parent stay hydrated. Next, look at bringing some type of cooling tool if the temps will be high. You might bring a portable fan or a cooling towel that can be placed on the neck. Finally, a reminder that umbrellas are not just for rain. They can be an easy way to provide some shade when there is no shade overhead.
  • Consider the timing. If your local county fair is open all day from 10am-10pm, and your aging parent wants to walk around and look at all of the displays, consider offering to bring him in the morning or early evening to avoid that mid-day heat and direct sun. It often will help to avoid crowds as well.
  • Encourage activity that’s broken into shorter time frames. If your parent loves to walk for exercise in the summer, offer to walk with him once in the morning and once in the evening for two shorter walks instead of one long mid-day walk. A senior home care provider will accompany your senior on walks an ensure they are safe.

Summer is a great time for your parent to get out and enjoy the activities he loves, but safety should always be a top concern so that he can continue to do it for a long time to come.


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