Providing home care services in the Swampscott, MA and surrounding areas. We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

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How it Works

Step 1 (First Contact)

Upon receiving referral or inquiry for services by filling out the form on this page, you will receive a call from our Care Coordinator to set up an appointment at your own, your family, and other interested parties’ convenience.

Step 2 (Initial Meeting/Assessment)

During this initial meeting/assessment, comprehensive evaluations and assessments of the client’s needs, home, and environments will be performed. This assessment is done to identify and understand client needs, requirements, and overall home situation. We will learn about the client’s interests, what kind of work you or your loved one did, what hobbies you are interested in, or what sport’s teams you follow. This helps us in finding the right caregiver for you or your loved one. Our Care Coordinator will explain Nurta Home Healthcare services and suggests the appropriate level for the client, if the client or family member/client representative agrees this leads to the development of a plan of care. We encourage that all interested parties be present at the initial meeting, so we can carry everyone along, also everyone will be on the same page regarding the care being arranged.

Step 3 (Plan of Care)

At this stage the registered nurse or care coordinator will develop Plan of Care. The Plan of Care is a document that outlines the client specific care needs, dietary, schedules, client preferences, and special instructions this is tailored to your satisfaction. Plan of Care serves as a care guide to all who are involved with a patient/client’s care. At Nurta Home HealthCare, each client’s plan of care is individualized and tailored to the client’s specific needs. As the situation changes, we conduct another assessment and modify the Plan of Care to reflect your current needs.

Step 4 (Caregiver Matching)

Once the Plan of Care is accepted and a service agreement is completed, we understand that you need to feel comfortable with the person assisting you at home. We understand the importance of compatibility between the personalities of both the client and the caregiver, and our goal is to carefully select the right personable caregiver for you or your loved one. We guarantee to match you or your family member with just the right caregiver based upon personalities, skills, expertise, interests and attitudes.

Step 5 (Introducing the Caregiver)

The Care Coordinator or a nurse who is responsible for managing clients care needs or services will be at your house at the same time with the caregiver for initial introduction. Once the introductions have been made, we will all sit down to review your care plan which has been created to meet the client’s needs. This is done to ensure that the caregiver, you or your family member understand the care plan, required steps for making changes to the plan of care and when to contact the office.

We encourage our clients or family members to conduct house tour during caregiver introduction, showing the caregiver around and identifying important locations or rooms is important part in our care. During this process please let the caregiver know about any of your house “rules” or specific “preferences” like parking or what you want or do not want in your house or apartment.

We encourage you to ask question at any time during this process.

Step 6 (Continued Follow-Up)

We do not just leave after the service starts or after our Home Health Aide or Personal Care Assistant has been placed in the home, Nurta Home Healthcare Coordinators continue to make check-in phone calls and monthly visits to ensure you are satisfied with the care we are providing. The care log is kept at home for client representatives or family members to review the care we provided.

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