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Five Signs Your Senior May Need In-home Care

In-Home Care in Swampscott MA: In-home care is about making sure your senior has the best possible care, when she needs it most.
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In-Home Care in Swampscott MA

Your elderly family member may not say that she wants more help, but there are symptoms that having some additional assistance would be beneficial for her. Understanding and recognizing those signs can allow you to ensure that your senior does have that help that she needs so that she’s able to live her life as safely and as independently as possible.

Her Appearance Has Changed

Changes in your elderly family member’s outward appearance can be a sign that other things have changed as well. It might be more difficult for your elderly family member to take proper care of herself, including cleaning her clothing and bathing herself. In-home care providers are able to offer your senior assistance with the tasks that are causing her the most difficulty so that she can enjoy her life safely.

She’s Showing Signs of Personality Changes

If your elderly family member is showing signs of changes in her mood or personality, that can also be an indication that she needs more help than she currently has. Daily life is frustrating enough, but if your senior is experiencing challenges that make life even more complicated that often expresses through her mood. Having help from elder care providers can allow her to relax and to release some stress.

Or She’s Having Memory Issues

Memory problems are another big indication that in-home care might be a good idea for your senior. Caregivers can remind your elderly family member to eat, for instance, and generally help her to stay on a regular schedule with everything that she needs to manage. This can also help you to feel a lot more peace of mind, knowing that your senior isn’t alone and having trouble with her memory.

Her Home Is Showing Signs of Trouble

Those little chores that keep a household running are easy to handle when all is well. When life becomes more complicated for your senior, those little tasks really start to add up and become much bigger ones that are a lot more difficult to manage on a regular basis. Continuing down that road can lead to some serious safety and hygiene issues for your elderly family member, so it’s important to make sure she has what she needs to keep her home safe and clean.

She’s Recently Experienced a Fall or an Injury

And if your elderly family member has recently injured herself or has experienced a fall or illness, that’s another sign that at least temporary help is necessary. Recovering from any type of illness or injury can take a long time. Having the help that she needs while doing so can allow your senior to heal safely and in peace. That matters a lot when you’re trying to keep your senior as happy and as healthy as possible.

The right care options at the right time can help to greatly improve your senior’s quality of life. As her needs change, she may need more or less assistance, and in-home care can adjust to meet those needs on a long-term basis.

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